01 November 2011
18 Мая 2011
12 Мая 2011
Mini bait boat PK2E
By being open-minded about new ideas, intensive researching and constant testing by the experienced designers and engineers, now we are proud to release onto the market the best value AMINA PK2E bait boat in the world.

mini bait boat

Technical Specifications:

Dimensions (L x W x H): 540mm*380mm*220mm
Boat Weight: 4.0kgs – including handset and chargers.
Battery weight: 2.4kgs– including boat battery and handset battery.
Hoppers: 1
Bait capacity: 1.5kg approx.
Electrical system: 12V DC
Range: 500+/- meters depend on weather and environmental conditions.
Lights: 2 front(white), 2 rear(blue), 3 battery status(green, yellow, red), 1 hopper release confirm (blue), 1 hook release confirm(white).
Radio handset: 4 channel, 40 Mhz
Propulsion: 2 x maintenance-free propeller
Running time: 1.5hours +/-

Specification and Features

The bait boat comes with following outstanding features:
  1. Thick 3D CAD designed, hydro-dynamically efficient catamaran ABS hull give excellent stability and increased buoyancy. The upper deck and the underwater part are fixed by stainless bolt, which makes the maintenance very easy. The waterproof silicon gasket between the upper deck and the underwater part makes the boat hulls totally sealed and ensures the boat 100% waterproof.
  2. 40 Mhz FM 4 channel radio system- really superb range and less susceptible to interference. Boat handset range is 500m+/- depend on weather and environmental conditions. Uses AA rechargeable batteries and handset charger comes as standard.
  3. Microprocessor controlled variable speed in forward and reverse. Power to the motors is regulated through a microprocessor. This ensures the unrivalled maneuverability response, excellent agility and precision steering of the boat.
  4. Patented bait hopper. The newest and dependable hopper release system makes the hopper door accurately fitted, excellent for all baits even the smallest particles.
  5. Patented hook (rig) release system in the back can be controlled and take the rigs to the accurate spot you want.
  6. Two quality direct drive motors and propellers provide extremely powerful propulsion and battery life- fast, efficient and quiet.
  7. The weed guards keep less susceptible to weeds/line.
  8. On and off waterproof rocker switches.
  9. Two ultra high intensity front white LEDs - visible at range even in daytime.
  10. Two ultra high intensity navigation blue LEDs in the back of the boat- visible at range even in daytime.
  11. One blue hopper confirm LED in the back center of the boat---flash 6 times to confirm the opening of the bait hopper.
  12. One white hook confirm LED in the back center of the boat--- flash 6 times to confirm the releasing of the hook.
  13. Three battery condition meter LEDs in the back center of the boat---giving accurate battery information.
  14. Remote lighting control - All lights can be turned on and off from handset at range
  15. Beeps and LED flash giving the battery condition of the handset.
  16. Watertight removable battery system in the center provides easy access to change the battery. Changing the main boat battery takes only seconds.
  17. Custom Backpack for bait boat, handset, batteries and chargers.
  18. A lure hopper (coming soon) in the back comes as an optional. This is a revolution in the bait boat design.
  19. Wireless fish finder (coming soon) is an optional to this bait boat.