01 November 2011
18 Мая 2011
12 Мая 2011

Our production is high-quality equipment for heating and water supply. We offer water heaters, electric water heaters, gas boilers.

Production of trade mark Amina has perfectly proved in the market. Excellent quality on valid to the reasonable price, system of the service centers on all country, and the main constant attention to needs, inquiries and wishes of our clients and business partners. Here a secret of popularity of trade mark Amina.

Be attentive we constantly spend actions and draws of prizes for the clients. For our true and potential dealers it is stipulated constantly working, rather interesting and profitable program.


High quality of production and reliability in operation, plus an ideal ratio the price/quality. The thermal technical equipment of trade mark Amina is unique on the characteristics and constructive features.

Water heaters

  • The special system of adjustment of pressure of gas and water does management and the control over temperature of water as much as possible convenient, that allows to receive the established temperature of water on an output, at fluctuations of pressure of water and gas.
    The temperature of water is displayed on the screen of the display (for LCD model) and, if necessary, can be changed on desirable.
  • More economic work is reached owing to the switch "winter-summer" which switches-off a part of a torch in the summer when strong heating is not required, and absence constantly burning gas-jet, allows to save up to 25 % of gas and reduces quantity of products of the combustion which are thrown out in an atmosphere.
  • Amina has a block design with fixing all connections that provides convenience of service and repair of a water heater.
    All making mechanisms are easily accessible and quickly assorted.
  • Water heater Amina switched on and switched off automatically. For switching on simply enough to open the crane of hot water.
  • Water heater Amina is completed lighting from battery which replacement you can make independently as, for example, in a radio receiver. At occurrence of a stream of water the electronic scheme of water heater Amina creates the electric discharge for lighting torches.
  • The water heater is equipped the raised productivity (10 - 12 L).

Electric water heaters

  • Ergonomic flat design of electric water heater Amina with two internal tanks made of food not magnetic stainless steel.
  • The compact external sizes of an electric water heater  at preservation of the big layer thermo-insulating allow to place a boiler in small-sized premises, keeping thus profitability in work.
  • The digital indicator of temperature allows to install heating demanded to you precisely and simply.
  • At manufacturing internal tanks of a water heater the modern technology of welding G5 welding by an electronic beam in vacuum is used, allowing to keep constant structure of stainless steel and to make seams as much as possible proof to corrosion.

For reception of the information on conditions of deliveries of technical equipment Amina it is necessary to address in a department of sales or to contact us in Contact